Update: Curse of Pleasure Alpha 0.1

New update v0.1 Apha has been released for public!
You will need latest RMXP RTP to play.


  • Remember to delete all game saves of previous version or the game will crash at save/load menu.
  • Extended the story a little bit.
  • Added animated groping events, be sure to check them out by playing the game again.
  • Added eyes blinking animation to go with groping events.
  • Added kissing animation to go with groping events.
  • Added hotkeys guide at the beginning of the game.
  • Added some softcore events by using existing materials that were unused in previous version.
  • Unlocked some new NPCs along with new areas to explore.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Fixed some graphic layers for better quality.
  • Replaced Message System.
  • Lowered player’s moving speed.
  • Removed some small living animals so they won’t be able to block player’s path.
  • Reduced breasts bouncing sound effect volume and its frequency.
  • Added a showoff test event at the end of the story, a half-naked man standing on the 2nd floor of the Inn.

New default hotkeys

  • Z – Menu.
  • X – Cancel/Slow walking.
  • C – Confirm/Interact.
  • Q – Skip message.
  • W – Hide message window.
  • S – Message log.

Known bugs

  • Street sign on the road to Mayor’s house can skip game’s progress, this is my leftover triggerer that will be removed in next version.


You can support me at: https://www.patreon.com/rannero
If you found any bug/glitch please report them to me, thanks.