Dum di dum di dum

I know, I know, when’s the update? No idea. The Harasim team is quite proud of the new Resort location, but our play-testers complained about lack of content there. So the current focus is on just that, fleshing out the Resort. To expedite that we’ve brought on another developer, PB Midas, who has been hard at work adding new content. Below are some more new cuties that you’ll be able to encounter in Haramase Simulator 0.4.

That’s all for now. As always, happy fapping.


111 thoughts on “Dum di dum di dum”

  1. No worries 😉, take your time and make the best game ever possible. We have waited till now and can wait lil bit longer for a very satisfying game. Wish you all the best and stay safe in this crazy year.

  2. Great, Atleast new info for us… Thanks for the Good Work and Stay Healthy, guys

  3. This is the best h game i ever played, so glad you guys are still working. Cheers from Brazil.

  4. Could you please do a archive. The wiki being gone is kinda a pain I am currently trying to find the source material for a few characters so I can play them in their natural habitat but the loss of the wiki has made that nearly impossible.

      1. If you are asking what games the CG’s were borrowed from. Click the credits button in game. Clicking a character will open the vndb page for the game they are sourced from.

      2. Hello
        It’s 2023.
        Just asking,is this game officially abandoned cuz the other websites say so.
        I’ve been playing this game since long.I like it very much.
        Just want to say that I appreciate it.

      3. No offense but bruh are u still a live? I hope u survive from the pandemic I meant it’s been 3 year since ur last update u know everytime I played ur game it make me remember my old day when I m still young 2021 man I can’t forget that time but thx for the game bruh hope u fine and sayonara….

  5. is there any chance of releasing the next update on amdroid this year and what about oracle’s fertility

  6. Thank you so much for the work you do. I have never found a game that is so spot on with my fetish. No rush, but I would be very grateful for a quick update maybe once every half year so we know you guys are still here. Thanks again 🙂

  7. I know you all will make it. we admire the hardwork of all devs. Love you all 🤗😁

  8. I’m so glad that you guys are still alive! I hope they’ll release an android version after this. I hope…

  9. Fucking retards release at least some update already, you fucking suck! I know it takes a lot of time and effort considering you develop in your free time , at least I hope you develop in your free time because otherwise you’re just another degenerate yanderedev , your updates are a fucking meme at this point three fucking years for a 2d game ! updater ? who the fuck needs one if the updates never come out ? cut out features and characters due to poor writing ?? what the fuck ? you firstly make the core of game and populate it with at least some content as placeholders and only after you implemented every feature you wanted from start , you polish the content and bring it up to a standard. The features that come to mind in the proccess of the development should be left aside and implemented after the game is half finished or if it’s too big of a feature then it should be left for a big ass DLC or even the sequel. god damn it, three years!!! You’re like trying to make a AAA game on a indie budget fucking degenerate retards, the game is cool though TOO BAD IT’S SOME HALF ASSED SHIT RIGH NOW WITH NO UPDATES!!!

    1. Hey kid you’re too young to play this game and complaining and throwing a tantrum won’t help. Shut up and be patient its a free game you have no right to complain unless your parent somehow agreed to be a patron of a adult game. If you are somehow then you can.

  10. Can you please try to add girls from animes such as Asuna or Rem or any other popular anime girls? That would be cool to see but glad you’re still updating the game. Can’t wait for the update!

  11. It’s nice that you’re working on it again, and trying to listen to the testers, but at this point, there is no amount of content that people are going to be happy with after more than 2 and a half years without an update. The game would have to be completely done on the next release. So, don’t worry about the people complaining. People will do that either way. If you want to release an update, release an update.

  12. yay more characters but can u guys gimme the test version of haramase 0.4 ?
    best of luck for u dev thx for the announcement

  13. Please take your time and do it at your own pace, i’d rarther wait another year than see it abandoned

    1. …well, I’d rather “not” have to go another year for an update, thankyouverymuch, though I get what you mean.

      It would be nice to get updates sooner though struggling to release content as a means to appease the instant-gratification crowd …only for things to be buggy and slow down overall progress… I’ve seen that developer hell far too often.

      Though to reiterate what I already stated: take your time for making quality content though be mindful just how much time elapses in comparison to what is to show for it.

  14. Well it has been abandoned for what – two years? And the upcoming update takes longer and longer to release. If you’re worried about the potential of abandonment here- just ask the devs to share the game on github or whatever, so someone could make a fork or mod.

  15. Hey just a quick request, if possible, can you make the RenPy ingame updater work with Android? I know its a little more complicated than it sounds, but if you can make it possible, please do! love the content!

  16. Is this still alive? I really liked the game so I’m looking forward to the next update

  17. Bruhh I just want to frick the oracle, when is my dream coming to life :”(

  18. Excuse me, I would like to know what happened with the 0.4 update for android or was the harasame project abandoned?

  19. Yeah, take your time, no worries😉! I’m really excited to see the full game one day though ehe 😊

  20. Yea take your time! I plan to live for another 40 years at least.. Can you release inside that window at least, please?

  21. Glad you guys are working really well on this game! Really hope to news updates, do you have some date or time to it? :3

  22. It’s been 3 years since the last update and five months since they last said anything about the game. If there hasn’t been an update by now then it’s never going to happen.

  23. Just make announcement that this project is dead and maybe some ppl will take it

  24. Is there a chance to get a Chinese version! ! I really love this game! ! ! Kneeling

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