Update: the Curse of Pleasure Alpha 0.6

New update v0.6 Apha has been released for public!
Download: Waifu or Google Drive or Patreon
You will also need the latest RMXP RTP to play.
If you can’t open the archive, please try latest version of WinRAR.

The latest patch is finally here, sorry that you’ve waited so long. I’ve replaced the previous gameplay of prison arc with a new one with more freedom, repeatable events (and that’s what I’m gonna keep focusing on from this point).

After you return from the prison to the village, you’ll find yourself in a free-roaming mode where some events can unlock other events. That’s some interesting thing for you to explore.

This version ends while you’re still taking a break in your village as I plan to add/expand the gameplay further in future, so it isn’t that short, just need more time to develop.

Please report any bug/glitch you found to me so I can fix it as soon as possible, it’s very important for this game and for anyone who is going to play it.


  • Included a gamesave right before of 0.5 so you can continue without re-playing 0.4 (but it’s worth doing so).
  • Included a small program to play the game with higher resolution/full-screen.
  • New gameplay to replace v0.5’s gameplay.
  • New story chapter.
  • New feature: a sub-menu to track your H-records.
  • New feature: clothes menu (only available for later of v0.6 where her exposure level is high enough).
  • New feature: Exposure system (which is affected by her exhibitionism potiental).
  • Re-drawn base body (type C) for breasts massaging animated scene.
  • Re-drawn skirt lifting standing portrait.
  • Re-drawn faces for peeing scene.
  • Improved base standing pose (type C).
  • Added more facial expressions for standing portrait.
  • Optimized several scripts for better experience.
  • New animated breasts massaging (alternative ver.)
  • New animated handjob scene (alternative ver.) (unused)
  • New animated blowjob scene (alternative ver.) (unused)
  • New animated breasts sucking scene (alternative ver.) (unused)
  • New animated looking up skirt fingering.
  • New character sprites.
  • New NPCs (with mini-scenes).
  • Sequels for several quests in the village.
  • Free-roaming mode throughout of this patch (yay freedom!).
  • Dialogues/scenes minor edits from previous patches.
  • Fixed alot of bugs/mistakes from previous version.
  • …And a billion minor things I can’t remember.

Default hotkeys

  • Shift/Z – Menu.
  • Escape/X – Cancel/Running.
  • Enter/Space/C – Confirm/Interact.
  • Q – Skip message.
  • W – Hide message window.
  • S – Message log.

Known bugs

  • Skip messages too fast sometimes will cause the event graphics wrongly shown.
  • Some graphics clipping/glitches/overlap (minimal amount, I really can’t avoid this due to limitations of RMXP).



You can support me at: https://www.patreon.com/rannero
If you found any bugs/glitches/mistakes please report to me via Patreon message or my discord server. Thanks!