Update: the Curse of Pleasure Alpha 0.7

New update v0.7 Apha has been released for public!
Download: Waifu or Google Drive or Patreon

A guy named “mirai9981” has translated this version into Japanese, you can download it here.
You will also need the latest RMXP RTP to play.
If you can’t open the archive, please try latest version of WinRAR.

It’s been 7 months since the last release, now you can feel my pain of waiting for Mount and Blade II to come out.
But it’s finally here, version 0.7, with many new CGs and new events for you to play (and most of them are only revealed under some conditions). Take your time to roam around and explore the game as much as possible, because I like it when you do that XD
This release is to focus on the relationship between Boo, Yuuki and Seita, it’s a preparation for the next big step in the next update, v0.8, where Yuuki would finally get deflowered. The goblin route is undone though because I need more time to draw new CGs for them.
Please report any bug/glitch you found to me so I can fix it as soon as possible, it’s very important for this game and for anyone who is going to play it.
The recollection room is pretty playable now, maybe there are still bugs but it’d be great if you report them to me so I can fix it.

Note:  You will need latest RMXP RTP installed to play.


  • New story chapter: Goblin’s Tribe (incomplete)
  • New feature: Recollection room (incomplete).
  • New feature: Lightings at night.
  • New outfits: Swimsuit and Male Blouse.
  • New reactions/unlockable events when you wear less.
  • Free-roaming mode throughout of this patch (America, fuck yeah!).
  • Re-drawn alot of assets (so many that I lost its track).
  • Optimized several scripts for better experience and performance.
  • Many new portrait poses for Yuuki.
  • Many new HCGs especially between Yuuki and Boo.
  • Many new character sprites.
  • Many new sound effects.
  • New NPCs (as always).
  • Sequels for several quests in the village.
  • Revamped alot of maps for a better look.
  • Dialogues/scenes minor edits from previous patches.
  • Fixed alot of bugs/mistakes from previous version.
  • Most likely compatible with savegame from previous version (0.6).
  • …And a billion minor things I can’t remember.

Default hotkeys

  • Shift/Z – Menu.
  • Escape/X – Cancel/Running.
  • Enter/Space/C – Confirm/Interact.
  • Q – Skip message.
  • W – Hide message window.
  • S – Message log.

Known bugs

  • Skip messages too fast sometimes will cause the event graphics wrongly shown.
  • Some graphics clipping/glitches/overlap (minimal amount, I really can’t avoid this due to limitations of RMXP).


You can support me at: https://www.patreon.com/rannero
If you found any bugs/glitches/mistakes please report to me via Patreon message or my discord server. Thanks!