Update: the Curse of Pleasure Alpha 0.8

New update v0.8 Apha has been released for public!
Download: Waifu or Google Drive or Mega
or Mediafire
If you can’t open the archive, please try the latest version of WinRAR.

I’m sorry for all the delay you have been struggling for this day to come, but it’s here v0.8!
This version continues to focus more into the relationship between our heroine and Boo, the real villain. But for some fellows who don’t like him I also offer you some interesting other characters and their questlines so you won’t feel lonely this winter.
Honestly I wished I could have more time to draw more CGs, because to me, more CGs means more events, further storyline and of course less boring game. Most of the questlines will be continued in next version because of the lack of CGs, please bear with it.

Please report all the bugs/glitches you’ve found to me via my Discord or my patreon DM.

All latest new events are available in Recollection Room, enjoy!

I will keep uploading all the bug-fixes on my Patreon if there’s any.

Note:  You will need latest RMXP RTP installed to play.
Note*:  Install all the font files in “Fonts” folder before playing by right-clicking on them and choose ‘Install’.


As always, new CGs, sprites, events, NPCs, sound effects etc… Boring, right?
(I’m joking because I lost track of new stuffs I’ve added…)

But I’ll tell you 2 most important gameplay of this version:

  • Sex scenes are ready now, she’s no longer a virgin!
  • Topless roaming mode at night-time!

Default hotkeys

  • Shift/Z – Menu.
  • Escape/X – Cancel/Running/Accelerate Message Speed.
  • Enter/Space/C – Confirm/Interact.
  • Q – Skip message.
  • W – Hide message window.
  • S – Message log.

Known bugs

  • Skipping messages too fast sometimes will cause the event graphics wrongly shown.
  • Some graphics clipping/glitches/overlap (minimal amount, I really can’t avoid this due to limitations of RMXP).
  • FPS of the game varies depends on your computer.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Game_2020-11-23_03-33-09.png
Reading an adult book for the little boy while he’s playing with her sensitive nipples…
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Game_2020-11-23_03-34-11.png
Accepting his request on teasing his father just for fun…
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Game_2020-11-23_03-35-00.png
Taking care of a homeless old-man who lives in a slum near her village…

36 thoughts on “Update: the Curse of Pleasure Alpha 0.8”

  1. Im a little dissapointed after the sex scene, about that impregnation not will be a fetish on this game, after all, i found this game here, on the homepage of “Haramasete simulator” lol

  2. I really wouldn’t mind development getting longer, if impregnation can be a feature on this game. Have impregnation scenes, sprites, related dialogue, and even a stats page like the one on “Violated Heroines” where you can see how fertile the character is, her attitude to being impregnated, etc? Again, this game would be infinitely better with those features even if it took longer to develop

  3. Not getting any visible text… right from the starting screen onwards… do you guys know how I can solve this? Thanks

    1. Make sure to: ‘Install all the font files in “Fonts” folder before playing by right-clicking on them and choose ‘Install’.’ I hope this does help in your quest to conquer the world. Beep boop.

  4. oh I see another update for a different game but not for haramase sim… very nice…

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