Public demo is out!

You will need latest RMXP RTP to play.
If you found any bug/glitch please report them to me, thanks.

The DEMO currently has:
– Prologue.
– Initial maps.
– All basic characters sprites.
– All basic poses for talking.
– All facial expressions for talking.
Bouncing boobs when talking (yay!).
– Clothing system.
– Titles system (unused).
– Undressing poses (unused).
– Exposing poses (unused).
Expected playtime: 10~20 mins.

Next I will complete the groping event, it has multi-purposes so… higher priority.
If you like it and want to support me, please become my patreon here:

WAIFU.NL is changing.

Some of you might know this if you’re in the Skype/Discord group, but from today on WAIFU.NL will no longer just serve as the home of Haramase Simulator 2017.

We’ve not released an update in a while, and don’t worry, we’ve not stopped. Personal lives got in the way, some project members have their own stuff going on at the moment. I can’t say too much yet, because those are highly secret (although if you’re in the Skype or Discord you’ll probably have seen a few screenshots of those projects).

However, to get back on track, there’s another artist whose art made my chinko go doki-doki. That is RanneRo, and I offered him WAIFU.NL solely on that. He’ll soon be publishing his own game-in-the-works, and perhaps other things as well, through this platform. So check his stuff out on DeviantArt or Patreon.

Don’t worry, nothing will change for HS2017, it’s just that WAIFU.NL is expanding to incorporate more people with more games. There will be a few other games spread through WAIFU.NL as well, including some from our HS2017 team.

Eventually I want to change the layout of this website to be easier to navigate, if I ever get the time.

So please, welcome RanneRo, and give his stuff a shot.

Anyway, I hope you’ll like how WAIFU.NL grows, as good faps should be cherished and be memorable.