Public demo is out!

You will need latest RMXP RTP to play.
If you found any bug/glitch please report them to me, thanks.

The DEMO currently has:
– Prologue.
– Initial maps.
– All basic characters sprites.
– All basic poses for talking.
– All facial expressions for talking.
Bouncing boobs when talking (yay!).
– Clothing system.
– Titles system (unused).
– Undressing poses (unused).
– Exposing poses (unused).
Expected playtime: 10~20 mins.

Next I will complete the groping event, it has multi-purposes so… higher priority.
If you like it and want to support me, please become my patreon here:

5 thoughts on “Public demo is out!”

  1. Tôi rất thích game này hy vọng sẽ sớm phát hành phiên bản mới trên Android

  2. Can you make it available on android ? Maybe you can talk with expiredshake so he can port it ? Because if you do it, then im sure a lot of people will be able to play it. Because there’s only a few android eroge there, so if you also release it on android, it’ll be more and more popular real quick. Well that’s just a suggestion tho :3 Pls. Dont take it the wrong way 😮 also I ain’t an expert in these porting things so forgive me if all what I suggest is a nonsense

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