No release date yet, but we’re still here.

Hello everyone,

It seems that several places around the web are reporting this project abandoned. We want to assure our fans that this is not the case. We are still actively working on the game. Real life has caused some delays, new large features have caused others. As the number of developers on the team has grown, the difficulty of regular releases has grown along with it. But enough about our development hell, I’m sure ya’ll want to know what we’ve been up to.

So what’s this big new feature we’ve been hinting at on our Discord?

We are happy to announce the HFF Resort, a new explorable location in HaraSim.

HFF Resort

Enjoy a tropical getaway to the luxurious HFF Resort. Unlike the main area of the game where time is passed in week long increments, at the resort time passes one day at a time. Will you pass your time tanning on the beach? Or perhaps stargaze at the observatory? No doubt you’ll stop by the massage parlor and let the staff there take care of you.

Above are the four new characters exclusive to the HFF Resort, we look forward to seeing how this new mechanic is received.

But what about the mainland? Surely we’ve done something there? Of course we have, and don’t call us Shirley.

For our Wincest fans, one of the newer members of the dev team, outkats, has worked with our resident incest lore-master, Methane, to add some people from the MC’s past to the game. For those not into that kink, they have alternate dialogue if you opt out of the incest option.

That’s all well and good, but what about older characters? Well guess what? You’re favorite Bartender is now within your reach! Not only her, but the Arcade Attendant as well!

The Goddess of Fertility herself, Inari, also has some new surprises for you. But you’ll have to wait and see what she is up to, she’s being a bit coy about her plans.

There is one other character wandering the streets of HaraSim, I wonder what he is up to?

That about wraps up this love letter to the fans. There is one sad note we need to discuss though, and that is your saves. Due to the large number of changes it is highly unlikely that you will be able to bring your older saves into HaraSim 0.4. I know, it sucks, but the number of glitched saves we have dealt with recently has led us to believe that supporting old saves simply isn’t an effective use of our limited development time.

But I would hate to end this on a downer so…. Is that a new option on Michelle’s menu?

As always, thanks for playing, and happy fapping.


41 thoughts on “No release date yet, but we’re still here.”

  1. So, which one is the MC’s mom?
    Because according to the “My stats” page, the MC’s mom is called “Nishihara Fuuko”

    1. Hope you are all doing fine, this game was always my favorite, and I was wondering about the slow updates. Either way, if you are having problems please take your time for health and personal things. I hope you are all ok. 🙂

  2. It is beautiful to see how committed you are to the job, thank you very much for all that, take your time and try not to get overwhelmed

  3. I check this website every 3-4 months or so TwT. Im happy I did it this month just to know that progress isnt dead. My favourite sim game, this is.

  4. This is nice eroge game ever
    Top 1
    Wait for new update. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Please update
    I cant wait 🤣🤣🤣 for new update

  5. Jual saja game ini
    Saya yakin akan banyak pembelinya
    Karena game ini sangat bagus
    Disarankan pembayaran pake Paypal biar mudah
    Agar game ini terus berkembang 🙂
    Language indonesia

    1. justru jalo metode paypal penjualan aga susah, jujur aja gak semua orang pake kredit card, mending kayak steam, ada pihak 2 kayak unipin / codashop, jadi orang yang gak punya kredit card bisa beli nih game

  6. Damn I just rediscovered this game after years, and I’m shocked to find out it’s still in development.

    Keep it up devs, I’d love to see 0.4

  7. Do you have a rough ETA as to when it might be? I’m not looking for a date, but it’s already been a month from this post. Another month, another few, etc.?

    1. Ps que pongan un patreon y hay que donarle money para que no se desanimen los desarrolladores y tengan con que motivarse para que sigan actualizando y que todos les donemos. Algo

  8. can u tell us when is the new update even if u just speculate it, at least we know when it is (maybe), cuz if we wanna play the game to wasting time waiting the upd, its became useless cause the save of old version cant be loaded in new version… just my thinking

  9. Awesome guys, great work all around, I too know life gets in the way and you have to put stuff down for a bit, but appreciate you coming back and picking it up again. Looking forward (hopefully sooner rather than later) for next update.

  10. Cloud you please show me the list of all the characters’s name?
    I’m really interseted in these original games.
    Thank you !

  11. Hopefully the dev team stay safe in these corona troubling times.

    Since most of the world is under lockdown, maybe it’ll help you guys finish the game faster? Just a thought :p

  12. still waiting for update <3

    I played the latest version
    when I start is so exciting but next the game play so monoton n I got bored,,,

    especially for god that need 1000 pregnancy,
    just to unlock bunny girl who need 200 pregnancy, very lazy to do it

    hope next update will improve this game <3
    sorry for bad eng

  13. Hey at least you guys are safe keep doing god’s work and he will protecc you. All I want say is stay safe and make progress thank from the bottom of my degenarate weeb heart

  14. Hey at least you guys are safe keep doing god’s work and he will protecc you. All I want say is stay safe and make progress thank from the bottom of my degenarate weeb heart

  15. Need update before I get corona virus, and die…….=(

    Also, how can I support development

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