Green Man’s Bio

A wild Green Man appeared! As soon as I found Haramase Simulator I was instantly hooked, and joined the team sometime after 0.1.3.

Mechanics Introduced:

  • Random Girl Encounters (I did the bulk of the writing, but other devs have added many cg sets)
  • Oracle Hint System (with additions from Tashi, and various devs writing hints for their girls)

Graphics Done:

  • Michelle and Alexis completely decensored.
  • Animated cowgirl for Michelle!
  • One decensored scene for Ootori.

SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT: If you want to learn how to decensor like me (and possibly contribute to the project!) try out my tutorial and share your results in the Skype Channel!



About Me:

Responsible for the first development baby in Haramase Simulator, and am looking forward to creating the next one. And the one after that.