Haramase Simulator 2017: TRUMP EDITION

In celebration of Donald Trump being selected as The United States President Elect we have decided to release a dev snapshot of the game.

Be advised, this is an UNSTABLE and UNFINISHED release. It is identical to the current development code for v.0.1.5, with two exceptions.

  1. We have Trumpified a couple things.
  2. We have disabled the save updater.

We will not be taking bug reports for this release, it is being distributed “as is”.

Have fun everyone.

EDIT: There was a build error on the first upload. If your Zip file is 1.37GB you have the broken build and will need to re-download.

Download link Link removed. Thanks for playing Trump Edition!

P.S. If you decide to share the link elsewhere please make sure to note that this is not an official release. That or just share the link to waifu.nl rather than the MEGA link.

8 thoughts on “Haramase Simulator 2017: TRUMP EDITION”

      1. Hi, I saw and played the game. I would like to contribute some story and dialogue into the game. It’s there any slot available? Thanks

  1. Hi
    I can easily play 0.1.4 however whenever I play the Trump edition, the game crashes when I change jobs, do heists and so on.
    Any idea of what could cause this?

    Awesome game and thanks in advance

    1. Sadly, we don’t offer support for the Trump Edition. It’s an “as is” release. The code base has changed quite a lot since we released it and it just isn’t feasible to devote our limited free time to release patches for it.

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