Haramase Simulator 2017 Android Port now available (v. 0.2.2)

A reputed Android developer (in lewd circles at least) called booom313 has successfully ported the game to Android for us! Please note that versions prior to this release are not supported and are heavily discouraged from being used.

Download APK – 1.2GB

(Mirror) Mega.nz

If you’d like to see other lewd games booom313 has ported or even want to request a game to be ported from him, you can join his Discord Server
You can also follow his porting exploits at booom313.blogspot.com

72 thoughts on “Haramase Simulator 2017 Android Port now available (v. 0.2.2)”

  1. damn its been very long since the last version, im glad that u r still working on the game thanks for the port

      1. you can’t, this reworked alot of the gui and made by me and is not compatible with older versions.

        so sadly you need to uninstall the prev instalation and install a this one

  2. I need help devs
    It tried to install it but it crashes
    I’ve been waiting to play the new version 🙁

  3. Does this new version play in full screen?, selecting full screen marks it blue but doesnt do anything, stays in what seems to be 4:3 resolution with black bars on the sides.

  4. Maybe break file into multiple compressed files… This usually helps with unstable connections since if download fails you won’t have to start over… Just a thought 😉

  5. I have v2.1c. I’m on week 70, 40 impregnated women. 4000 job skill. 300,000 credit on me and 2 mil credit in the bank. All investments. Max lvl 2 stamina and max lvl 2 fertility. But if I want the lasted version I have to redownload v2.2 as a separate app. Which my progress wouldn’t carry over? It’s not just a update to change the current version to the same app I have.

    1. Yes, its a different version and I’m pretty sure you need to start over but to be honest its not really a big deal and its fairly easy. Same thing happened to me and honestly thats barely a few hours of gameplay… easy to get back on track.

    2. That v2.1c android port is not ours. We don’t give support for nonofficial ports and mods.
      The official one is from booom313 linked in the post above.

  6. awesome you are all are the best ?
    i can’t say anything, it’s more than great job. love you all ?

  7. could you update the link? the only link.thats been working is mega’s. but download it using the app(mega dowbload) stuck when i try to install. it says staging apps and nothing more. i want to play this game :((

    1. That android port is not ours. We don’t give support for nonofficial ports and mods.
      The official one is from booom313 linked in the post above.

  8. Can someone tell me how how to downlode the game with the link for the mega file

  9. it says not enough room but I have 20 something GB’s and the game is 1.08 GB’s how can I fix this?

  10. I downloaded it but i can’t install it in my phone this word pops up “app not installed”

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