Let’s Talk About the Custom Character Creator.

Howdy all,

I’m here to talk about the CCC. What it is, what it isn’t, and everything in between.

So what is the primary purpose of the CCC?

First and foremost it is a developer recruiting tool. We needed to find an entry level way to let potential developers write a character, without having to explain the ins and outs of how the game works. As the game has grown, so have the complexities associated with adding a new character. The CCC places everything you need to create a character in one folder.

Normally a character requires appending code all over the place. The My Harem Screen, The Oracle Fortunes menu, in each location a random encounter is to occur, etc. All of that is handled for you by the CCC. Set the correct options and off you go.

Tell me More!

I have done my best to anticipate anything a potential writer may want to implement with a new character. To do this Stephanie and the CCC were developed together. Any time I wanted to add a feature to Stephanie I had to add a way to do it via the CCC. In this way I feel I have created a fairly comprehensive system. Once I was happy with both Stephanie, and the CCC, I ported Stephanie into the full game.

Knowing Stephanie’s script would be pretty intense for a first time Renpy user I then went on to make a generic example character. She is rather limited, but looking at her code will give you a general idea of where to start. If you dig through her script you’ll find basic examples of how you can make a character such as:

  • Have her change her outfit. (Like Miyu does)
  • Situational Talk to her Dialogue (In her example this unlocks her fertility display on the My Harem Screen)
  • Situational Menu Items (In her example once you have cum in her once a new 69 Her option appears on her menu.)
  • How to have your character be unlocked via an encounter.
  • And more!

This simple character took no more than an hour to throw together, granted she is super dialogue light. What I’m trying to get at is you can make a mechanically functional girl in only a couple hours once you get a feel for how Renpy Works. After that the most time consuming part is simply writing the dialogue.

Known Limitations:

The CCC is limited to one girl per save file. When you start development you will want to have a save file set aside for it. I recommend you progress through the game naturally up to the point you want your character introduced, then make a copy of your save to use while implementing and testing your character.

Encounter Limitations: Due to how the Bank, Stock Trader, and Indie Game Dev are currently implemented, the CCC cannot have encounters at those locations.

It requires version or newer to function. (The update is available in the updater as of this blog post. Other downloads will be provided soon).

What It’s not:

The CCC by itself will not greatly expand the roster of the game. Due to how Renpy works you cannot simply drop in a character like you can in games like Slave Maker 3.

This is not a hand holding system. Although I did my best to make sure the code has plenty of comments explaining everything, you still will need to spend some time in the Renpy Documentation before you will be able to make any real use of this system.

Where can I get assistance with the CCC?

Discord, that’s it. We will not support the CCC via reddit or waifu.nl.

We have setup three discord channels specifically for the CCC.

  • ccc-discussion: This is a place to discuss ideas, collaborate, and have fun.
  • ccc-help: This room is strictly moderated. You should post specific, highly detailed questions about the CCC. To clarify, this is for questions related to the CCC, not Renpy in general. If you need help with Renpy in general you should be reading through their documentation.
  • ccc-advanced: This is an invitation only room. If we feel like you have a decent grasp on what you are doing, but are trying to implement complex features that would go over the head of a Renpy newbie, you will be invited to this room.

I wrote a character, now what?

Get in touch with the dev team on Discord. We will take your character for a spin. This will result in one of three outcomes.

1. Your character is accepted.

  • We will begin porting her over into the game.
  • You will be provided with a copy of the game with your girl implemented to bug test your character with. The CCC is still in it’s infancy and bugs are bound to pop up while porting your character. You will know her the best, so you will be expected to help test her.
  • If you desire to join the dev team, and are accepted, I will walk you through how she was ported to teach you how the game works internally. This way your next character can be written natively.
  • If you do not desire to join the dev team that is fine as well. You are welcome to continue creating and submitting characters with the CCC.

2. We like her, but she needs some work.

  • This is honestly your most likely outcome upon your first submission.
  • We will detail what we feel her shortcomings are so you can make the needed adjustments.

3. Sorry, but no.

  • This can come about for any number of reasons.
  • She could be a great character, just not a good fit for the game.
  • Perhaps we felt she was half-assed.
  • Perhaps the grammar is so bad that our editor isn’t willing to touch it with a 10 foot pole.
  • In any case we will explain why you were rejected. If you somehow manage to turn the character around we will give you one additional look, but if you get this answer twice in a row we will no longer accept submissions from you.

Cool, where do I get started?

You first stop should be the CCC Wiki. Between the CCC Wiki, the comments in the CCC scripts, and the Renpy documentation you should have no trouble making your first character. Just know that it will take a bit of research on your part, the scripts don’t write themselves.

Please note that the CCC files have been slightly updated for The updated files can be found on the getting started page of the CCC Wiki

With all that said, good luck, have fun, and happy fapping.



192 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About the Custom Character Creator.”

  1. Could you please leave a download link for android like this?(https://devchroma.nl/release/),the mega download link seems does not work……

    1. The server that the CCC files are hosted on doesn’t have the kind of bandwidth needed to handle the game. The CCC files are not in high demand so they are hosted there.

  2. Read the post please:
    “Where can I get assistance with the CCC?

    Discord, that’s it. We will not support the CCC via reddit or waifu.nl.”

    You’re welcome to join the discord server.

    1. This is a English website, I can’t read Spanish. Same for the discord server, English language as the rules specify.

    1. Developing purposes only. Read what the post says:
      “First and foremost it is a developer recruiting tool.”

  3. After 4 months, i still waiting for version 0.3.4
    I hope you guys still continue to develope this awesome game.
    God bless you.

    1. No god here in the perverse end of the internet.
      And it will be done when it’s done 😛

  4. so a couple questions, i noticed the the arcade game Jutai sim used to generate credits for your char. Was that removed or changed in anyway?
    If so, it explains why it not longer is. however if not, it doesn’t seem to be working .

    ps. discord link ded

    1. >explain
      Balance reasons, it was broken as fuck as a credit generator anyway.

      And discord link works fine :3

    1. Can’t you read?
      Where is it mentioned that this game is dead.

      Maybe try checking the discord, that’s where everything happens.

  5. but are trying to implement complex features that would go over the head of a Renpy newbie, you will be invited to this room.

  6. Insanely cool game. I would like to support the developers but I can not find where to transfer money.

  7. Game experience was awesome , custom UI even better/smoother than other RenPy game ,lore isn’t edgy, could be one of best western hentai game ever , but if I wanna submit a story , do I have to code it first? Can’t I just submit character image and script ?

    1. The whole point of the CCC is to simplify adding characters to the game. You will need to code it, but Renpy is super easy. I’m no programmer and that hasn’t stopped me from writing Michelle, Alexis, Arcana and Stephanie.

  8. Actually this game is so good i wonder why its not continuing is something happened? because really if any need support i can give it

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