Source Code for HS2017 0.2.2 is now available for download.

Greeting folks!

Several of you have asked that we release the source code for the game so ya’ll can tinker with it. You have been heard. The download link below contains the rpy scripts that make up the game. You can browse them as you please, or convert your current install over to the open version.

Conversion Instructions:

Delete (or change the file extension of) the following files from your 0.2.2 installation:

  • achievements.rpa
  • arcade.rpa
  • core_scripts.rpa
  • explore.rpa
  • girls.rpa
  • jobs.rpa
  • random_girl_engine.rpa

Then simply overwrite your “game” folder with the “game” folder provided in the download.

The average player has no need for these files, they do not add any new features. This download is being provided for those who want to know more about how the game functions.

Download Now.

19 thoughts on “Source Code for HS2017 0.2.2 is now available for download.”

  1. Thanks for sharing the source code, I have already started tinkering with putting a new character in. Is it also possible to share some of the templates used for GUI buttons and the phone used by some characters?

  2. Though briefly familiar with how Ren’Py works, I am not able to use this. How would one go about changing things and then playing with the changes?

  3. is this for android version or pc? pls help me, where is the android version hmm

    1. for making money instantly without using stamina go to arcade and keep playing ova simulator or whater ova game it was and buy all upgrades it will automatically add 365 money every second at max and if you keep tapping you can get even more

  4. On android I can not pick the girl I want in the harem … and I can only find half a dozen of them during the game. it’s normal?

  5. Can we join the game language translation “Hamarase Simulator” into Vietnamese language for android?

  6. Can we join the game language translation “Hamarase Simulator” into Vietnamese language for android?

  7. Text error :
    Sorry, cant go without spoiler, so, if its a worry, do delete that content (once seen/know) or the post, its of no matter by then I guess.

    So, Myu at second base (when she ask to go up) :
    “I want see the full sky..” > I want to
    Ive seen some others text errors, but as Im not sure how to report them ?

    As to money cheat, you can do so with all renpy games, first edit the console.rpy from “renpy”>”common”, search the “config.console = False” (should be line 98), change “False” to “True”.
    Then, ingame press maj + o = open console.
    Type then in the console :
    money = xxx
    xxx being desired value.
    As to stamina :
    stamina = xxx
    Make the game quite more easy as to address some (not all) lengthy goals.

  8. Also, a recommendation :
    Please add a variable as to Miyu second event, for me, we got outside on her “very secure” week……………..
    So, as to not make her sad (would be bad it is not ?), a check either making the event paused until she is ready, or (excitation, it is said her balance changed lately, so, why not ?) = compatible specifically for the event ?

  9. after viewing this site,I get to know why our otaku hobbies should become an UN issue.

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