0.2.2 Bugfix Release is Now Available.

Minor release that fixes a few bugs from the 0.2.1 patch. We decided to publish this release ‘whole’ to minimize merging conflicts. Changelog:

  • Added Hayasaki’s 2nd date scene
  • Fixed Miyu’s Oracle bug
  • Fixed Miyu’s Octomom bug
  • Fixed several achievement related bugs
  • Added several new and exciting Main Menu blurbs!

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57 thoughts on “0.2.2 Bugfix Release is Now Available.”

    1. ^We decided to publish this release ‘whole’ to minimize merging conflicts
      “Whole” means it’s game with applied patches

  1. unfortunately the .app for macfags insta-crashes. If I try running it through the ren’py dev console I have to restart the game.

  2. Hello
    Sorry for my English I use google translate.

    So I have a music bug, one that is launched during a sex scene, the music does not stop, it must be a few hours that it turns in a loop> _ <, after I do not know which precisely I do not ' I have not paid attention.

    Then in the store or harem, if we try to save while we have the mouse on a person / object, when we return in the game, the image remains on the screen even though we do, we must load Part to make it go.

  3. Played for the first time since 0.1.4 and holy shit I forgot how much I love the game. Loving the progress so far and I can’t wait for more.

    Only comment I have so far is that Kurumi’s appearance rate seems really low but of course, that could just be my own luck.

  4. Is there any android version 4 this yet?
    or only the v0.2.0 is the one and inly available for android?

  5. What should I do to see touko again? I got over 100 000 in my hand and visited the bank for 20 times or more. There is nothing but 5
    tedious options. However I want BOOBS!!!

  6. Do you have fix for Android? Or is this? Because a lot of girls that I cant visita 2cnd time ando un the Harem said me are locales just I can select Rumuni. Please if you know something, reply 🙂

  7. Hello, I have followed this games since 0.2v it is a good game, however i have run into problem in version 0.2.2. I have finished the game and wanted to uninstall it, but it wont let me uninstall in the android version. please help.

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