0.2.2 Bugfix Release is Now Available.

Minor release that fixes a few bugs from the 0.2.1 patch. We decided to publish this release ‘whole’ to minimize merging conflicts. Changelog:

  • Added Hayasaki’s 2nd date scene
  • Fixed Miyu’s Oracle bug
  • Fixed Miyu’s Octomom bug
  • Fixed several achievement related bugs
  • Added several new and exciting Main Menu blurbs!

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0.2.1 Bugfix Patch is Now Available.

This is a bugfix patch for 0.2. Unless a game-breaking bug is discovered in the next few days this will be the last release until 0.3 is completed. Please continue to report any bugs you find so that they can be fixed in 0.3.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Oracle hints for Kurumi not functioning.
  • Oracle Hints for Alexis not working on updated saves.
  • Numerous Achievement System bugs.
  • Miyu text glitch on updated saves.
  • Ootori variable declared incorrectly.
  • Kurumi didn’t check for negative stamina
  • Arcana appearing in the Classroom before she is unlocked
  • Sperm Donation Mechanic locked out with updated saves.
  • Kira speaking as Kiriya
  • Prevented rollback in mini-games so you can’t undo progress.

Installation Instructions:

Overwrite your current 0.2.0 files with the files in this patch.

Note for OSX/Linux players: You should check the file permissions of the files before and after you overwrite to ensure they stay the same.

If you don’t want to deal with the patching process a complete download with all fixes will be released when we stop supporting 0.2 and start work on 0.3 on Friday.

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The dev team would like to thank everyone who submitted bug reports. Keep being awesome guys and gals!