Not dead yet.

We just wanted to let everyone know that we are still working on Haramase Simulator. Those who want to keep more up to date on our progress are welcome to join us on our Discord. The link is on the sidebar. Due to time zone differences there is almost always someone on the dev team online. Feel free to stop by and chat.

Edit: It’s come to our attention that the discord link has expired. The sidebar has been updated or you can click here to join.


14 thoughts on “Not dead yet.”

    1. Did you at least read the text. Where does it say we use Discord for news. It’s just if you want to talk with the devs and more info on our progress then you are welcome to join us on our Discord.

    1. No, we will not build a Android release. And we do not plan to change that in the future.

      1. Im just inquiring about as to why we can not get an Android update to this game? Im really enjoying it and would like to have all options available. I myself unfortunately dont have a computer or laptop to use in order to play the game.

        1. The Ren’Py sdk (and engine we use) does not support the same functionality for Android as it does for the desktop version of it. We don’t see any advantage in rewriting very large parts of the code while losing part of the functionality we have now to support Android. Furthermore we want to implement (incremental and automatic) updates for the game, which as you probably guessed it, is not possible on Android. Hope I could clear your question this way.
          I know it’s a pity but you would have to ask the RenPy developers why their Android engine version is not yet up to par with the desktop one.

          1. Thank you either way for the reply I was hoping it wasnt as big a hassle as it really is. I really appreciate the fact you replied.

    1. Or you could have joined the Discord server and enjoy some spoilers and banter with other fans.

      1. hi there :D. I wanted to ask cause I tried the discord link and it said the invitation is no longer valid. just wanted to let you know. love the game and was kinda interested to visit :3

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