Almost There!

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to announce that Haramase Simulator is almost here!

So what’s the holdup I hear everyone screaming into their PC monitors….

Two things:

  1. Rumines is being put into a releasable state. She is not 100% completed, that will happen in a minor content update in the near future. That being said there are new things to discover with her none-the-less.
  2. The in game updater. This has proven to be a bigger pain in the backside than we initially thought it would be. It is not a commonly used feature of Renpy and documentation on it leaves a little bit to be desired. That being said the fine developers of Renpy have been helpful and we think everything is working at this point. We will continue to stress test it up until the game’s release.

On a more random note, there have been nearly 1,100 commits to our repo since the release of 0.2.2. See? We do do stuff!

Best Regards,

The Harasim Dev Team.

59 thoughts on “Almost There!”

  1. >Develop a game that you update once or twice a year
    >OMG guys we need an updater xD

    1. Part of the point of the updater is so they can push out smaller updates, making updates more frequent.

      1. The reason updates are infrequent is we start a bunch of projects that end at different times. Finding a time when everyone is at a good stopping point is hard. Then we need to come up with a release window where most if not all of the dev team is available to address bug reports. The updater allows us to push out small updates. If I release an update for Arcana (hint hint), I can just upload the update, and I am the only one who needs to be available for bug reports.

        1. And what is you’re updating solution for the people that can’t or don’t want to use the updater?

    1. Booom is technically on the dev team; I would expect an android port in short order.

      1. Yes, maybe a little bit later than the actuall full release of the pc release.

        Depends on how fast the modding of ren’py goes

  2. Lol, since I knew you guys gonna release the update, I’ve checked at least 6 time per day. Great working and thanks for the game.

  3. Sweet now we don’t have to wait for the whole game to be updated now that’s a good idea but one question “Will the updater let us know when there is an update?”

    1. That’s up to our android port developer booom313. He’s working on it, only thing I can say.

  4. You guys are awesome. Can’t wait for this release! By the way: So this release will have a feature added which will let you add your own (self drawn) girls to the game??

    1. Yep, the “Custom Girl Creator” (CCC for short).
      You’re welcome to join the discord server if you need help with it. It will be released together with the update.
      >Self drawn
      Definitely come join our discord, we’re always looking for artists.

  5. Will we be able to not update? Like, if we want to stay in an older version of the game, could we?

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